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Our Founder

Since founding Chenkin Law Firm in 1983, Ira Chenkin has worked tirelessly to bring Texans the unwavering legal representation they deserve. For over 35 years workers and families have trusted Chenkin Law Firm to fight for their rights. We have successfully handled cases ranging from the following:

“When I was in a serious car accident it was a very difficult time for me. I didn’t know how to deal with the insurance company and they kept calling me over and over. I felt I was due compensation but without skillful and knowledgeable representation I realized I did not have a chance against the other party. I ended up calling Ira Chenkin of Chenkin Law Firm which proved to be one of the best decisions of my life. He took a personal interest in my case and really took the weight off my shoulders and on to his. He told me not to communicate with any of the insurance companies and did everything for me. I would highly recommend Chenkin Law Firm to anybody in need of a law firm that actual cares and fights for their clients.”

Bob J., Sugar Land, TX

“Chenkin Law Firm saved my life! If it wasn’t for them I would be homeless. I was seriously injured on the job and my medical bills kept piling up. The insurance company was very unpleasant to deal with and even intimidating at times. I knew I need an experienced legal professional to help. After seeking legal representation I ended up going with Chenkin Law Firm which was a life changing decision for me. They where always available to answer my calls and gave me peace of mind from the start. I was very close from being homeless because of all the expenses and the fact that I couldn’t work but because of Chenkin Law Firm I am now a millionaire.”

Asher G., Los Angeles, CA

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