Actos and Bladder Cancer

Occasionally, prescription drugs that are unsafe for consumer use are introduced to the market. One such drug is Actos, which was prescribed to people suffering from Type 2 diabetes as a way to regulate their glucose and insulin levels, combating many of their symptoms. Tragically, it was discovered that Actos use increased users’ risks of developing bladder cancer, making the drug potentially unsafe for anyone to use for any length of time.

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Health Complications Associated with Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is a particularly insidious type of cancer, as it has the highest rate of recurrence of all types of cancer. Sadly, an estimated 50% of all people with bladder cancer, even those who go into remission, will develop the cancer again. In addition, bladder cancer is associated with:

  • Painful, difficult, or impossible urination
  • Aggressive spreading to nearby organs
  • Recurring tumors
  • Difficult secondary and later treatments

When a prescription drug puts an innocent consumer’s life at risk, one who was already burdened with Type 2 diabetes, the manufacturer of that drug should be held accountable for the repercussions that result.

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