Bladder Cancer Treatment Options

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released evidence pointing to Actos, a prescription drug intended to help Type 2 diabetes patients manage their symptoms, as a direct cause of bladder cancer. Because consumers were given no reason to expect this adverse effect, the manufacturer may be held responsible for the losses of individuals who used Actos and later developed bladder cancer. Fortunately for these innocent victims, there are options for treating bladder cancer in the event that they have developed it.

If using Actos has caused you to develop bladder cancer, you may be eligible to seek financial restitution for your medical expenses from Takedo Pharmaceutical, the maker of this medication. Contact an Actos attorney of Chenkin Law Firm today at (800) 721-7472 to discuss what our dedicated staff can do for you.

Treating Bladder Cancer

The available options for treating bladder cancer, and the likelihood of their success, depend on the particular circumstances of the afflicted individual and the stage of his or her cancer. If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer or are experiencing common symptoms, you should consult with a doctor about possible treatment. A few of the most common treatments include:

  • Surgical removal of superficial (not penetrating the muscle tissue) tumors
  • Targeted chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Bladder removal surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery for urine excretion

Each diagnosis and treatment plan will depend on each individual patient and the condition of their illness, and so it often helps to identify the cancer early and to know all of the available treatment options.

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