Contract Disputes

A contract serves as a binding agreement to hold two or more parties to agreed upon terms. However, when one party breaches the terms of a contract, the other party can be left facing a heavy financial burden or placed at a significant business disadvantage. Fortunately, a signed contract gives both parties the means to enforce their position should a breach be made.

At Chenkin Law Firm, our team has the resources and experience needed to navigate many types of disputes, including:

  • Supply Contracts
  • Purchase & Sales Agreements
  • Business-to-Business Contracts & Agreements
  • Lease Disputes
  • Partnership or Shareholder Disputes
  • Employment Contracts
  • Breach of Confidentiality or Non-Compete Agreements

If you signed a contract and the other party didn’t hold up their end, we can help you pursue litigation or assist with mediation. Mediation is often an effective first approach to resolving a dispute, and can save time, money and the professional relationship between the two parties involved. But, since every case is different, our team can help you determine the best course of action to quickly and efficiently resolve the dispute at hand.

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