Depakote is a prescription drug designed to treat seizures and episodes of mania for those with bipolar disorder. While Depakote was effective at treating some aspects of the disorder, it has also been linked to serious side effects that can cause lasting health problems. Most notably, mothers who took Depakote during pregnancy have given birth to babies with severe birth defects.

The FDA has released warnings regarding the link between Depakote and the following:

  • Spina bifida and other spinal defects
  • Brain defects
  • Malformation of face and/or skull
  • Malformation of the cardiovascular system

Depakote use during pregnancy has also been linked to fetal valproate syndrome, a condition that can cause children to develop facial deformities that evolve over time.

Additionally, the FDA released an alert on May 6, 2013 stating that Depakote and other drugs like it (valproate sodium and related products, valproic acid and divalproex sodium) should not be given to pregnant women to prevent migraine headaches, as a new study has revealed that they have been linked to lower IQ scores in exposed children. As a result, the FDA changed its warning category on these drugs from “D” to “X,” meaning that the risk of taking them while pregnant far outweighs any possible benefit.

If you are taking or have taken Depakote and you or your child has suffered any negative effects as a result, you may have legal grounds to pursue compensation.

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