Securities Litigation

While financial markets naturally rise and fall, if your investments vanish virtually overnight, there may be other factors at play. The unethical actions of companies or individuals may be partially or wholly to blame. Fortunately, the law is on your side, and there are a number of federal statutes and regulations to protect investors from unethical behavior.

Securities fraud and abuses may include:

  • Insider Trading
  • Market Manipulation
  • Misappropriation
  • Misrepresentation or Nondisclosure
  • Unauthorized Trading
  • Investment Scams

If you have suffered from one of these or another type of securities fraud, we know how devastating the financial loss can be for you and your family, especially if you are nearing retirement age.

At Chenkin Law Firm, we will investigate your individual circumstances to find the party directly responsible for your losses and prove their wrongdoing. This could include the company you’ve invested in, your broker or other parties. Once fault has been established, our experienced team can help you seek justice and submit a claim aimed at recovering your financial losses.

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